Hire artists. Create engagement.

Canvas matches government offices, political campaigns, activist organizations, social enterprises, government offices, political campaigns, with values-aligned artists to amplify the power and reach of their communications.

Why Canvas?

We believe that social change starts with culture, and cultural change starts with storytelling. Historically, only prominent, well-funded organizations had the time and resources to engage outside creative talent. Canvas is the connective tissue that allows organizations of all sizes to discover and collaborate with vetted, values-aligned creative professionals.

Organization Spotlight

Field Team 6—a democratic voter registration org that played a key role in flipping Orange County from red to blue in 2018—hired filmmaker James Kaelan to screen his political film at their summer fundraiser, bringing in over $7,000 in new donations.


Candidate Spotlight

Nithya Raman is an urban planner, community advocate and mother of two running for City Council in LA's 4th District to develop solutions to the homeless crisis, climate change and fight against political corruption in city hall.


Candidate Spotlight

Andom Ghebreghiorgis is a NYC special education teacher running for congress in New York's 16th District to ensure that our resources are invested in our communities and not diverted to forever wars or unnecessary jails.


Candidate Spotlight

Maebe A. Girl is the first drag queen elected to public office in the United States, currently serving on the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council in Los Angeles, representing Region 5.


Candidate Spotlight

Frances Yasmeen Motiwalla is a grassroots political organizer running for congress in California's 34th District. She's running to bring much needed leadership to CA34, which historically has been one of the most progressive districts in Southern California.

How it works:

  1. Organizations create profiles and post projects, including budgets and expected turnaround
  2. Artists are vetted and invited to join and set their issue preferences and availability
  3. Organizations are matched with artists based on issue and schedule alignment and budget
  4. Communication, logistics and payment are handled by the platform

Canvas is for creatives of all kinds, like...


There's also no limit to the forms collaborations can take. Here are some examples to get the creative juices flowing...

A filmmaker directs a fundraising video for their local ACLU chapter.

A band performs at a fundraiser for a voter registration nonprofit.

A composer arranges an original score for a mayoral candidate's campaign video.

A writer crafts a visionary stump speech for an outsider congressional candidate.

A graphic designer produces branding and assets for a neighborhood council election.

Hire artists. Create engagement.

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